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Steering Committee meeting #3

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Steering Committee meeting #2, Santa Barbara CA

Steering Committee meeting #1, Santa Barbara CA

Applications of Remote Sensing Technologies for Transportation Data Collection, Jacksonville FL

Virtual Consultation on Critical Infrastructure Protection
2003-12-02 Roadmap for Deploying UAVs in Transportation Specialist Workshop, Santa Barbara CA
2003-12-01 Critical Transportation Infrastructure Specialist Meeting, Santa Barbara CA
2003-09-28 Steering Committe meeting, Santa Barbara CA
Congressional Showcase 2003, Washington DC
MidWest Regional Workshop on Remote Sensing in Transportation, Madison WI
MapIndia 2003, New Delhi
TRB 82nd Annual Meeting, Washington DC
2002-11-08/15 William T. Pecora Memorial Remote Sensing Symposium , Denver CO
2002-10-20/22 Consortium Day and Steering Committe meeting , Ames IA
2002-04-22/26 2002 ASPRS-ACSM Annual Conference and FIG XXII Congress, Washington DC
2002-04-22/25 Visualization in Transportation Symposium and Workshop, Snowbird UT
2002-03-25/27 GIS-T 2002, Atlanta GA
  • Presentation
  • 2002-03-19/23 Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles CA
    2002-02-03/05 Consortium Day and Steering Committe meeting , Santa Barbara CA
    2002-01-15/17 STELLA/STAR: ICT, Innovation and the Transportation System, NSF/NRECA, Washington DC
    2002-01-14/17 TRB 81st Annual Meeting , Washington DC
  • Exhibit
  • 2001
    2001-12-10/12 TRB Conference on Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Technologies for Transportation, NAS, 2101 Constitution Ave, Washington DC 
  • Program
  • Exhibit
  • Poster: "Road Centerline Research"
  • Roundtable for States and MPOs — report
  • 2001-09-23 Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Systems in Asset Management .  National Transportation Asset Management Workshop in Madison, Wisconsin
    2001-08-14 TRB/NCRST MidWest Tri-State DOT Technology Exchange Meeting , Decorah IA
    2001-08-06/07 Centerline Extraction and Maintenance (CLEM2001), Santa Barbara
  • Announcement
  • Proceedings
  • Exhibit
  • Poster: "Road Centerline Research"
  • 2001-05-17 Executive Briefing and Senate Exhibit, Hall of the States, Washington DC
  • Exhibit
  • 2001-04-09 GIS-T 2001, Crystal City VA.
    2001-03-21/22 Consortium Day & Steering Committee Meeting, Gainesville FL
    2001-01-09 TRB Annual Meeting 2001, Washington DC.  Remote Sensing for Transportation: Panel session #246, sponsored by TRB Committee A5015 (Spatial Data and Information Science)
    2000-12-04 TRB Conference on Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Technologies for Transportation Conference, NAS, Washington DC
    2001-10-02/03 Consortium Day & Steering Committee Meeting, Santa Barbara CA
    2000-08-23 URISA annual meeting, Orlando FL.  Consortium on Infrastructure Management — Research status.  Panel session.
    2000-05-25 ASPRS, Washington DC.  Consortium on Infrastructure Management — preliminary research directions. Panel session.

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