TRB/NCRST MidWest Tri-State DOT Technology Exchange Meeting

2001 August 14, Decorah IA

Reg Souleyrette presents ISU research
Open discussion
Three midwestern states associated with the Infrastructure consortium met for a day in Decorah IA — their geographic centroid — to share experiences in RS-T (current and new initiatives, success stories, barriers) and to forge a common plan of action for the future in cooperation with NCRST.  The NCRST institutions outlined their research agenda (developed over the past year with considerable DOT consultation), and the state DOTs reported on their activities and plans.  The group came up with general goals and objectives, a list of institutional and research issues, and a plan for moving forward through technical development and outreach.

TRB/NCRST would like to hold similar meetings in other regions, in the U.S. and abroad, to empower DOTs at the local level with technical awareness and cooperative initiatives.


Summary of Discussions

Goals, Objectives, Action Items

Institutional Issues

These issues are probably pertinent to all DOTs nationwide, and may be explored by TRB.

Research Issues

NCRST team en route to Decorah, assisted by GPS
Fodder for the NCRST research agenda


  • Broaden participation in this group
  • Current (2001) applications: find new users for available information
  • Describe new (2005) vision and specific applications
  • Skill building
  • Role of TAPs, private contractors
  • Develop partnerships: cities, counties, NSDI
  • Outreach methods
      Executives Mid-level
    ASPRS/TRB activity
    Informative brochures
    Personal contact  

    Presentation PPTs

    Val Noronha, UCSB

    Special thanks to Dave Gorg for taking the initiative to hold this meeting, and to Mike Leegard for a great job on organizing it.