2010 September 13.  The Cunningham Report runs a full length article on MeTrIS.

2010 June 30.  The NCRST-MeTrIS research project ended on June 30. About 250 trucks, representing 12 motor carriers, participated. Optimization models predicted (a) a reduction of 4,500 port entries and 50 tons in CO2 emissions per day, and (b) a 15% improvement in stack handling efficiency. The Executive Summary is now available at Project Overview. The remainder of the final report will be posted here in due course.

2009 December 18. Co-Principal Investigator Rick Church elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

2009 October 23. The Journal of Commerce runs an article on MeTrIS.

2009 March 24. Co-Principal Investigator Rick Church elected Fellow of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI)

2008 October 1.  Our first modeling results are in, and they exceed all expectations. It has been shown that MeTrIS tracking and optimization modeling can achieve (a) a 25% reduction of traffic on I-710, and (b) a 25-50% reduction in stack rehandles at port terminals. For further information see the progress update at metris.us. Scientific papers detailing these results are being prepared.

2008 July 1.  Commemorating the end of our first year, we are pleased to announce that USDOT has funded an expansion of the MeTrIS project to track the drayage fleet serving the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

2008 March 14.  MeTrIS tracking devices have been tested successfully, and nearly 20 truck-months of data have been compiled. We are beginning “production” mode installations. Maps and charts of sample analyses are hosted at metris.us

Data modeling and optimization modeling are proceeding on schedule.

2007 August 21.  The first operational MeTrIS tracking device was installed this afternoon in a port drayage truck (confidentiality provisions prohibit disclosure of the motor carrier or driver details).

2007 July 25.  Principal Investigator Mike Goodchild has been awarded the Prix Vautrin Lud, regarded by many as Geography’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize. The presentation is to be on October 4 in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France.  Details.  Separately, Mike and our long time Steering Committee member Don Cooke are both to be inducted into the URISA Hall of Fame at the August 20-23 URISA annual conference.

2007 July 13. The U.S. Department of Transportation has re-started the NCRST program, creating 7 national university-led consortia to develop applications of space-based technologies in transportation (details). The Freight Congestion Mitigation research agenda on this site, centered on MeTrIS, reflects the new direction of the program. In the previous round of NCRST, the UCSB-based Consortium focused on Infrastructure Management.